Dashiqiao Kailong Casting equipment plant

  DaShiQiao KaiLong Reflned Casting Implement,which Iocates 25 kilometers to the east of DaShiQiao, is a private enterprise arising in the transition of management system.It covers 6600square meters with beautifl encironment and convenient communiction.It owns equipment of high technology,such ashigh temperature tunnel kiln with larged corss section and eletric chest furnace,equate static pressure machine,magnetic ball grinder and magnetic filterete,all of which contribute to the high quality of the product.Seeing through economic leverage and exerting the technical advantage,we have spread the product and enjoyed high reputation in the market.
  Our enterprise is facing the new contury in a new stanece.
  It is our pleasaure to provide you the best product and service.
  Welcome consumers in all walks of life to transact with usand cooperate with us in many other fields.



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